Toalla Color Algodón GIZA 700 gr/m2
    Cotton Vitae

    Color Cotton Towel GIZA 700 gr/m2

    VAT included

    GIZA 100% cotton towels, unique softness and absorption, cotton origin from Egypt and manufactured in Portugal exclusively for our Cotton Life brand. In four colors and different sizes.

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    GIZA cotton is of Egyptian origin, they are long, flexible and very thin fibers. Egyptian Giza cotton is a type of cotton that is harvested near the Nile River. Its superior quality lies in the environmental conditions surrounding the region in which it is grown. The Nile Delta offers the perfect amount of sunlight, humidity (moisture vapor in the air), and nutrient-rich soil to stimulate cotton growth. It is a perfect combination that helps the cotton plant grow into a spectacular specimen.

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    Cotton Vitae