Almohada Cadí de Velfont
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    CADÍ pillow by Velfont

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    Cadi pillow from Velfont,

    Neotherm® fiber pillow and double microfiber cover with soft touch and zipper.

    The Cadí pillow by Velfont is a pillow with a double cover with a zipper, made with microfiber fabric with an extra-soft silk touch.

    Its silicone and conjugated Neotherm® hollow fiber filling provides volume, softness, lightness and great recovery capacity. It is hygienic and breathable, and very resistant to wear and washing.

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    Ideal pillow for: people of medium build who sleep on their side, or people of large build who sleep on their backs.


    Cover fabric: 100% polyester microfiber

    Inner fabric: 100% polyester microfiber

    Filling: 100% polyester conjugated silicone hollow fiber Neotherm®

    Cover fabric
    condiciones de lavado
    Filling and outer fabric
    Condiciones lavado Cadi


    - Double cover pillow with zipper

    - Silk-touch microfiber fabric

    - Neotherm® conjugated silicone hollow fiber filling

    - Machine washable

    - Especially suitable for people of medium build who sleep on their side

    - Also available as a reading cushion

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