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Cotton Vitae

400TC Egyptian Cotton Percale Duvet Cover


400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Percale Duvet Cover 400 threads per square inch - double the density of standard percale bedding. Simply with a unique touch, this product is the perfect choice for a high-class bed!

Duvet cover 400 thread count Egyptian cotton percale, highly breathable, duvet cover closure with hidden buttons.

    Cotton Vitae

    600 thread cotton Duvet Cover satin


    600 thread count cotton duvet cover satin, Made with cotton fabric selected for its flexibility and fiber length. Mercerized and sanforized fabric, with 600 threads per square inch. Feel the maximum comfort and softness

      Cotton Vitae

      600 thread Egyptian cotton sheet set


      Sheet set 600 thread count Egyptian satin cotton, mercerized fabric that enhances the softness of cotton, this fabric has been sanforized to prevent it from shrinking when washed. The fitted sheet included in the set has a mattress height of up to 35 cm. High.

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      Cotton Vitae

      Acarsan® anti-mite fiber pillow


      The Velfont Anti-mite Pillow is a double-cover pillow made with 100% cotton outer and inner fabric and filled with high-quality fiber with Acarsan Natural® anti-mite treatment with plant extracts, scientifically tested and that maintains its properties after washing.

      Its filling is conjugated hollow fiber, which provides volume, lightness, softness, silky touch, elasticity and great recovery capacity, as well as being very resistant to use and washing.

      This pillow has been specially developed for people who are allergic to dust mites and for those who are looking for a healthy rest.

      Firmness: Medium

        Cotton Vitae

        Alaska pillow 90% Down 10% Feather


        New pillow with a sleek and modern finish. Natural anti-mite, hypoallergenic treatment and traceability control.

        PADDING: 90% Down 10% Feather
        DENSITY: Medium
        FABRIC: 100% Cotton Satin Downproof
        TOUCH: Extra Down
        PERIMETER FINISH: Exterior partition and live trim

          Cotton Vitae

          Aloe Vera Reversible quilted mattress protector

          €19.14 €17.23

          The Velfont Reversible Aloe Vera Microfiber Mattress Topper is made of microfiber fabric with an extra-soft touch that incorporates an Aloe Vera treatment. This treatment provides exceptional benefits to the skin in addition to providing softness to the mattress cover.

          This mattress topper adapts to mattress lengths of up to 200cm and can take on mattress heights of up to 30cm.

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          Cotton Vitae

          Aloe Vera Waterproof quilted mattress protector

          €21.39 €19.25

          The Velfont Waterproof Aloe Vera Microfiber Mattress Topper is made of microfiber fabric with an extra soft touch that incorporates an Aloe Vera treatment on the upper side and polyethylene laminate on the lower side.

          The Aloe Vera treatment provides exceptional benefits to the skin as well as making the mattress topper soft, while the polyethylene laminate makes it waterproof, providing comprehensive protection against liquids.

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          Cotton Vitae

          Artico Duvet 96% Down and 4% feather


          Elegant duvet with excellent finishes. Natural anti-dust mite treatment, hypoallergenic and traceability control.

          The best system is the “Kassetten”, which consists of frames with interior partitions. They allow the accommodation of the filling throughout the interior of the duvet, even in the seams, thus avoiding cold areas (without filling), in addition they confer uniformity in the distribution of the filling over the entire surface of the duvet.

            Cotton Vitae

            ASPEN 95% Down Duvet


            ASPEN Velfont Duvet is made with 100% down-proof cotton fabric, which prevents the loss of its very fine filling inside. This fill is high quality virgin down, not shredded. It has been subjected to rigorous sanitary controls, it is sanitized, disinfected and sterilized.

              It is available in a single weight of 270 g/m².