Almohada Nature 80% Plumón, 20% Pluma
    Cotton Vitae

    Nature Pillow 80% Down, 20% Feather

    VAT included

    Nordream's number one pillow since 1991, with excellent volume and support. Natural anti-mite, hypoallergenic treatment and traceability control.

    Wide selection of the different measures.

    PADDING: 80% Down 20% Feather
    DENSITY: Medium
    FABRIC: 100% Downproof Cotton
    TOUCH: Down
    PERIMETER FINISH: Double stitch

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    The feather and down Provide excellent protection against the cold and are the best natural thermal insulator there is.

    Traceability We identify our products and associate them with a series of records that allow us to know exactly the origin of the pen and identify its origin.

    Manufacturing processes We subject our products to a washing with bactericidal treatment, drying at more than 120º C, cooling, dust extraction, sterilization and disinfection.

    CE quality guarantee We use new stuffed products made in Europe under the strictest conditions of quality, hygiene and respect for the environment.

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    Cotton Vitae